Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Mission Hymn

We are so pleased to post the new mission hymn that was written this past month by Elder Abraham Gunther. He was asked by President McMullin to compose a song that would "bring a tear to your eye and inspire the missionaries to give their very best work." When he first presented the song at our Mission Leader Council this month, Elder Gunther told how much he had truly sought the Spirit to inspire him in the message he should share. He said that the important points that came to him were: That this is OUR mission, that the worth of every soul is as great as our own, that we owe so much to the Lord for all He has done for us, that we are the tools in His hands to accomplish His work, and that this IS His work. The song was beautifully sung by Elder Thomas Greer and Elder Garrett Neifert. All the missionaries were presented the song this past month in their zone council meetings. We hope they are singing it often in their meetings, memorizing it, and letting its meaning inspire them wherever they may be. And we hope those of you hearing it here will enjoy it too!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Goodbye to Faithful Servants

On June 18th, we said goodbye to a very special group of missionaries who had finished their full terms of service to the Lord and returned home to the United States, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. They left a great impact on those they have served and on us who were fortunate enough to get to serve with them.  We have high hopes for each one as they return to their families, school, work, and other opportunities to serve. We wish you very best and we will miss you!
Front row:  Elder McSwain, Elder Bayles, President and Hermana McMullin, Hermana Torres, Elder Hernandez.  Back row:  Elder Dickson, Elder Yauney, Elder Sorensen, Elder Mundo, Elder Duran, Elder Heslop, and Elder Escobar.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Missionaries Arrived on June 17

We were able to welcome five new missionaries from the Buenos Aires MTC:  Elder Macahuachi, Elder Panaifo, Elder Rios, Elder Cerron, and Hermana Bond.  We traveled to the temple grounds where we learned a little of the history of the Church in Paraguay and had a brief testimony meeting.  Back at the office, we taught them about their finances, health precautions,  home maintenance, sending and receiving mail, etc. The new missionaries also went on divisions with some of our other missionaries for a few hours.  The next day they were introduced to their training companions and traveled to their areas.  We are so glad to have each one!
Arriving at the airport
Elder Cerron with his trainer, Elder Vasquez
Hermana Bond with her trainer, Hermana Vilcahuaman
Elder Rios with his trainer, Elder Correa
Elder Panaifo with his trainer, Elder Harris
Elder Macahuachi with his trainer, Elder Orrego

Church donates wheelchairs to people of Paraguay

Since 2006, the Church has given about 1000 wheelchairs every year to needy patients throughout Paraguay, not to mention in other countries. One interesting experience I had recently was attending a small ceremony at the rehabilitation center next to our office whose patients were receiving 43 of them.  The Church gives the chairs to a local nondenominational group, "Fundacion Solidaridad", and they are in charge of distributing them.  They screen each patient to determine the need, find the right size chair, etc.  At a simple "Thank You" type of ceremony, the foundation's director mentioned how this moment of chairs being given to people to increase their mobility, and thus their abilities and their self-worth in life, really began in the hearts of the LDS people with their love and kindness in paying their donations.  There is a lot of administrative work to get the chairs ordered in Asia and shipped here, but it essentially all began with the LDS members.  I really appreciated his kind words.  I had often heard about the Church's wheelchair donations, but it was a great opportunity to be on the other side and see it happen.  Without the means to afford a wheelchair, and especially as they get older, handicapped people in Paraguay can become prisoners essentially in their own homes because they become too heavy for others to carry around. A wheelchair can make all the difference for a chance at a normal life - an education, social experiences, work possibilities, etc.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

We recently said goodbye to some excellent missionaries who have faithfully completed their official service here in Paraguay. We know they have had sacred experiences here in the Lord's service that they will never forget, as well as friendships that will always continue. Our prayers are with them as they go back home to new and important opportunities there!  We will miss you!

From April 29th through May 2nd, we enjoyed a wonderful mission tour with Elder and Sister Wilhelm from our South America South Area seventy.  In the mornings, Pres. McMullin, myself, and Elder and Sister Wilhelm traveled to the various zones and spoke to the missionaries for about 4 hours.  We covered many topics, but especially focused on the importance of baptism and using more effectively our tools of Preach My Gospel and daily planners.  In the evenings, we held three firesides especially for investigators and less active members of the Church.  The missionaries had worked hard in the previous weeks to get out the invitations and they were well attended.  We were so pleased! It was a very busy week, but well worth it.  See if you can spot your favorite missionary in the photos.
Santani, Concepcion, and Pedro Juan Caballero zones

all Capiata zones
all Luque zones
Asuncion and Mariano Roque Alonso zones

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Four new Nivacle missionaries leave from the Boqueron District

On May 8th, four new missionaries from the Nivacle community in Abundance (Boqueron District) left for the MTC in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The group included the very first missionary Sister Nivacle. They will learn Spanish there for six weeks and then all will be serving in the Argentina Salta mission. We are so excited for them and all the experiences awaiting them! A couple of weeks before, with the help of the Elders In Their serving area, we went shopping for supplies missionary here in Asuncion. It was a fun day!