Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Mission Hymn

We are so pleased to post the new mission hymn that was written this past month by Elder Abraham Gunther. He was asked by President McMullin to compose a song that would "bring a tear to your eye and inspire the missionaries to give their very best work." When he first presented the song at our Mission Leader Council this month, Elder Gunther told how much he had truly sought the Spirit to inspire him in the message he should share. He said that the important points that came to him were: That this is OUR mission, that the worth of every soul is as great as our own, that we owe so much to the Lord for all He has done for us, that we are the tools in His hands to accomplish His work, and that this IS His work. The song was beautifully sung by Elder Thomas Greer and Elder Garrett Neifert. All the missionaries were presented the song this past month in their zone council meetings. We hope they are singing it often in their meetings, memorizing it, and letting its meaning inspire them wherever they may be. And we hope those of you hearing it here will enjoy it too!

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